Should you treat Covid from Day1?

YES – You should treat Covid as soon as the first symptoms appear, to nip it in the bud. Don’t wait until the test results come in. Even better do not waste your time and energy getting tested.

I recently came down with a sore throat, followed by a fever. The fever went away, but the sore throat persisted and was accompanied by an unswallowable amount of mucus. I lost my appetite and it was painful to swallow.

This was almost certainly Covid.  I did not do a test, so I will never know for sure.  But a sore throat, followed by a fever, followed by an even sorer throat with heavy mucus sounds like Covid.

According to verywellhealth, Roughly one-third of COVID patients have a productive cough with thick mucus.

I got through it in 7 days.  Here are some things that helped me.

TIP 1 – Throat Spray / gargle

If you get a sore throat, spray it immediately and repeatedly with an antiseptic throat spray. or gargle with an antiseptic like oxygenated water.  This could stop the nasties going into your lungs. I didn’t think to do this, until it was too late.

Search duckduckgo with ‘Throat Spray Covid’ and you will find any number of effective throat sprays, even  Listerine.  My favourite is a spray 50% CDS (see tip7) and 50% ozygenated water.


Make yourself eat at least three times a day, to keep your strength up. Soft food like banana, avocado, pasta are easier to get down your throat. It will hurt, but you must force it down. During the fever, I got through 3 small bananas. The old adage “starve a fever, feed a cold” does Not work with Covid.

TIP 3 – Take the sun

Get out in the sun during the middle of the day, if there is any,  to boost your vitamin D level.

TIP 4 – Inhaler

Inhale bay/laurel leaf vapour. cut up the leaves and boil them in water, then cover your head with a towel. Thanks to Dr Angel for this tip.

TIP 5 – Spit Jar

Use an empty jam jar with a lid as a spit jar, if there is too much mucus to swallow; especially if it is painful to swallow.

TIP 6 – Supplements

Take supplements available on the Internet – best to have a supply in the house so you are ready.  I took a few pills, almost every time I drank my CDS – see Tip 7.
• Vitamin C  – an anti-oxidant
• Zinc
• Quercetin
• Vitamin D, A
Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine will do the job of Quercetin, but are difficult to get.

Vitamin C and NAC are anti-oxidants and don’t go with CDS oxidation therapy.  They will counteract CDS oxidation, so best omitted if you are taking CDS.

TIP 7 – CDS (Chlorine dioxide solution)

This may not be for everyone. But it helped me recover in just 10 days.  My recovery could perhaps have been quicker if I had not been taking anti-oxidants NAC and Vitamin C ( my mistake)

Protocol F (Frequent) Drink 10ml (3 or 4 gulps) of CDS every 30 minutes from a litre bottle. but only if you are not on other medication. Then move to Protocol C.

Protocol C – Drink 10ml (3 or 4 gulps) of CDS every 60 minutes from a litre bottle. It is good to use the alarm on your phone to remind you to take it. Start with Protocol C if you are on other medication.

The standard solution is 10ml of CDS concentrate in a litre of water (preferably filtered/bottled). However, if you are taking other medication, the dose should 5ml in a litre of water.  CDS will detoxify and can cause diarrhea in the first days.

Once you are OK with the minimum dose, you can increase it gradually up to 40ml or even 50 ml a day.

This all sounds a big performance, and it is.   But after 5 days of CDS, I had turned the corner; and after 7 days I was 90% better.  I plan to continue taking CDS until the illness is just a distant memory.

Tip 8 – Drink CDS at night

This comes straight from Andreas Kalker, the man behind CDS.  If you wake up in the middle of the night, drink some CDS.  CDS stays active in the body for just two hours.  So it is good to keep topped up.

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  1. Since I wrote this I had a relapse, sore throat etc. This probably would not have happened, if I had spent more time in bed and let my body concentrate on healing itself. A week later I am more or less back to normal.

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