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Is Climate Change a problem?

NO – Climate Change is not a problem.  Climate is ever changing and the changes right now are nothing special.   Winters are milder and top summer are no more than they were in the 1930s.   CO2 levels are lower that they have been in the distant past, and have no effect on temperatures.

If you still believe, climate change is a problem, please click on Climate the Movie (the Real Truth) for a view of the real science.  Congratulations to Martin Durkin for shedding  light on it all.  Climate Change clearly is not a problem, rather it is being used,like covid, to further a political agenda.

Temperatures are not on the Rise?

The chart below shows that temperatures are no more than they were 100,000 years ago.

currnet ice age temperatures
Thanks to Martin Dirkin’s Climate the Movie for this imag

CO2 emissions have not affect on temperature

But they do not push the temperature up.  there were minimal CO2 emissions in the 1930s, but temperatures were high

rural temperature

Thanks again to Martin Dirkin for this image

Solar activity is the cause of temperature changes

Variations in solar activity result in changes in temperatures

Sun movements match temperature changes
Sun fluctuations in RED, Temperature in BLUE
Sun fluctuations in RED, Temperature in BLUE

The climate is Not warming significantly

The evidence presented in Climate the Movie is clear that CO2 does not drive the temperature up.   Furthermore temperatures have not gone up  significantly over 350 years

Central England Temperatures over 350 years

Paris Agreement – the way forward?

CO2  emissions and pollution in the cities need to be controlled.  The Paris agreement is the successor to the Kyoto agreement.   The Paris agreement is not legally binding, but requires each nation to declare its next set of targets, every five years.

Click greencoast for more information on the agreements.

Geo-engineering – NOT the way forward

Geo-engineering has been a fact of life since 2016.  According to technologyreview, the first high altitude particle spray was conducted in Russia in 2009.  In the same year the USA under Obama started looking at options. tells the history up to 2013

In 2014, the average daily atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide surpasses 400 parts per million — higher than it has been in at least 3 million years.   Geo-engineering became a reality as an attempt to combat the global warming…officially.

In 2017, The Guardian reported that the Trump administration was investing in geo-engineering, which then became a feature all over the world, causing major problems.  see geoengineeringwatch for information on health issues, droughts,  tree die-off, wild fires etc.

In the six years since geo-engineering became widespread, world temperatures have continued to rise.  It seems clear that geo-engineering has been a complete failure, if it’s aim was to slow down global warming.

Increases in Temperature are a Real Problem

Geo-engineering may not be the answer.  But Temperature increases are still a problem.

Increased temperatures  result in desertification.  A third of the world’s population live in ‘drylands’ whch are most vulnerable to an increase in temperature.  Click on greenfacts for more information.

This will in part explain how “The number of documented migrants within and from the African region has nearly doubled since 2010, continuing a two-decade trend of expansion. “   see africacenter for more information.






Do Chemtrails reduce global warming?

NO – If Chemtrails aim to reduce global warming, they are a failure.  We have been subjected to polluting Chemtrails for nearly 10 years, and they have no effect on land temperature.  In march 13 2023 Valencia saw a temperature of 31 degrees , which had everyone flocking to the beach.

Valencia beach in March
The warming of the seabed triggers the risk of more extreme storms

Chemtrails cost money.

  • the planes have a significant carbon footprint
  • The pilots have to be paid
  • The nano-particles thrown into the sky have a cost.
  • The dust causes respiratory illness

So who authorised chemtrails in Spain?

Pedro Sanchez issued an executive order (Boletin  Oficial del Estado)  authorizing the use of chemtrails as a means of disinfection against Covid.  Hard to believe , but it’s true, see belowBOE Chemtrails

Chemtrails in Spain are for Disinfection!

They may interfere with the weather.  Farmers in Murcia blame lack of rain on the Chemtrails.