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Are Eggs good for us?

YES –  Protein from egg yolks reduces the effect of damaging Vaccine Spike Protein, and maybe even guard against Alzheimers.

Egg Yolks versus Spike Protein

Search google and you will find plenty of web sites, confirming that egg yolks act against the vaccine spike protein, which seems to be the primary cause of the current blood clots


Click pubmed for an official take on egg yolks

Cholesterol in Egg whites are not the danger

The medical world For many years have pushed the idea that cholesterol was bad for you and that the best treatment for someone with high cholesterol was a daily Statins and no more than 2 eggs a week.

But current thinking is that cholesterol in eggs does not raise cholesterol levels the way some other foods, such as those high in trans fats and saturated fats.


Statins are the Real Danger

Doctors continue to bully patients into taking Statins to control their cholesterol levels.  But the reality seems to be that we need cholesterol to combat a host of conditions including Alzheimers. Click below to see Dr Peter Gibben’s full exposee.

Click Statin scare for another doctor’s view.

Will raising our spirits help bring on the 5th dimension?

YES –  The best way we can help the Earth move forward is to raise our frequency and keep an open mind.

Raising Your Frequency

According to numerous sources with direct connection with the Good ETs, an individual’s most important task is to [1] raise his /her  frequency and [2] help others to wake up – to realise that we have been lied to over and over again on almost everything from the existence of ETs to the safety of the covid vaccine.  Sources include Elena Danaan and Blossom Goodhild.

3rd vs 5th Dimension

Almost all are in the 3rd dimension as 2022 comes to an end.   The 3rd dimension is where we have been for thousands of years, and where the Bad ETs want us to stay.

The 5th dimension is coming as higher frequencies ripple through our solar system.  the 5th dimension is for the whole planet, not just a select few.  Though it is probable that majority of mankind will remain totally unaware that changes are happening.

The 5th dimension is important because by all accounts, the Bad ETs cannot function at that frequency.

Raising your Frequency

‘How to raise your frequency’ is the big challenge.

Meditation is the best way

Prayer is the next best thing, if meditation does not come easy.

Quiet Time works –  lie flat on your back like an Indian Fakir, and be quite still for 20-30 minutes.

If you have ideas of your own , please share them in a comment below.

Calls to Wake Up

The easiest way to help wake people us is to share posts like this with groups.  But probably best to create a pseudonym account, so you are not involved personally .

The problem is that even the most intelligent of person can be blocked to alternative  ideas.  You can call it ‘cognitive dissonance’ or whatever.  But if someone is blocked, no amount of words will sway them.  They will keep on taking the vaccine, even to the point that they are suffering from cancer or blood circulation problems that they never had before the vaccine.

Blossom Goodchild

Elena Danaan

Is the vaccine spike protein the cause of blood clots ?

YES – The new look white fibrous blood clots are the result of the vaccine spike protein.

Embalmers find white fibrous ‘clots’

Latest information from numerous embalmers is that almost every body they see, has white fibrous tissues /clots, a foot or 30cm long, in their blood system; quite unlike a normal blood clot.  See Sudden Death, the video.

The new clots appear to be the result of the self-replicating spike protein included in the covid vaccine.  Pathologist  Dr Ryan Cole  explains.

Embalmers also find that consistency of the blood in vaccinated bodies is quite different from before.  The blood has little specks like coffee  grounds, and is separated between almost clear liquid and deep red viscous globs.

You know you have a problem if your blood pressure rises for no particular reason, or if you find yourself short of breath or if you feel unusually  cold ; all signs of blood circulation issues.

These stringy clotting tissues were NOT not seen before the roĺl out of the covid vaccine.    All the more reason not to have the injection.

Vaccine Clot Remedies

But if you have had the covid vaccine, all is not lost. Anti-parasites like Ivermectin or Hydroxichloroquine or DMSO can help.

The cheapest and most effective remedy is CDS,  (chlorine dioxide solution) as explained by Doctors  Chaves and Kalcker

If you are vaccinated and don’t feel too good, best to take a remedy sooner than later.

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