Is the vaccine spike protein the cause of blood clots ?

YES – The new look white fibrous blood clots are the result of the vaccine spike protein.

Embalmers find white fibrous ‘clots’

Latest information from numerous embalmers is that almost every body they see, has white fibrous tissues /clots, a foot or 30cm long, in their blood system; quite unlike a normal blood clot.  See Sudden Death, the video.

The new clots appear to be the result of the self-replicating spike protein included in the covid vaccine.  Pathologist  Dr Ryan Cole  explains.

Embalmers also find that consistency of the blood in vaccinated bodies is quite different from before.  The blood has little specks like coffee  grounds, and is separated between almost clear liquid and deep red viscous globs.

You know you have a problem if your blood pressure rises for no particular reason, or if you find yourself short of breath or if you feel unusually  cold ; all signs of blood circulation issues.

These stringy clotting tissues were NOT not seen before the roĺl out of the covid vaccine.    All the more reason not to have the injection.

Vaccine Clot Remedies

But if you have had the covid vaccine, all is not lost. Anti-parasites like Ivermectin or Hydroxichloroquine or DMSO can help.

The cheapest and most effective remedy is CDS,  (chlorine dioxide solution) as explained by Doctors  Chaves and Kalcker

If you are vaccinated and don’t feel too good, best to take a remedy sooner than later.

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