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Is there hope for the future of Humans?

YES – There is a ray of hope that Humans will avoid becoming yet another slave race.

Right now the future looks bleak.  The New World Order in the West is intent on reducing us to slavery with Agenda 30, by forcing  artificial intelligence on us.  In the future, “you will own nothing and be happy”.   see the latest  Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal  by Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter – episode 25 and episode 26 – neither are in any way positive.

In the East, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is subjugating their own people and developing bio weapons to subjugate the rest of us. see China illegal organ harvest


The Ray of Hope in the West

The probability is that the covid virus / bio weapon was released prematurely – by accident or deliberately leaked.  If it had come out six month’s later it could have been much worse.  By coming out when it did, it forced the deep state (represented by the WHO, the WEF, by Fauci and Gates) to put into action the plans for  the New World Order; plans that have been laid over decades.  But the virus/bio weapon was not as deadly as envisaged.  The premature release has given many many people time to wake up and to connect with the Good ETs, who are ready to help if asked.

The Ray of Hope in the East

The CCP in China looks invincible right now (January 2023).  But that could change.   Pressure from Without and Pressure from Within could lead to a change in direction. The pressure from Without would be more countries prohibiting transplants with organs from China.  The pressure from Within will come from the millions of Falun Gongers who continue to spread peace and love inspite of the dangers.  Hopefully the endeavours of the Chinese people will be rewarded by a deputation from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, that will be the catalyst for change and lead to a Republic of China that it is a true People’s Republic.

The Good ETs need to show themselves.

Good ETs as represented by the Galactic Federation of Worlds are key to the future of mankind.  Now is the time for Fiction to become Reality.

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If you have got this far, the best thing that you can do is Pray , and ask that the Good ETs  show themselves and help everyone to wake up.

Click Goodbye Janet for links to her obituary.  She committed suicide in November 2023.

Will raising our spirits help bring on the 5th dimension?

YES –  The best way we can help the Earth move forward is to raise our frequency and keep an open mind.

Raising Your Frequency

According to numerous sources with direct connection with the Good ETs, an individual’s most important task is to [1] raise his /her  frequency and [2] help others to wake up – to realise that we have been lied to over and over again on almost everything from the existence of ETs to the safety of the covid vaccine.  Sources include Elena Danaan and Blossom Goodhild.

3rd vs 5th Dimension

Almost all are in the 3rd dimension as 2022 comes to an end.   The 3rd dimension is where we have been for thousands of years, and where the Bad ETs want us to stay.

The 5th dimension is coming as higher frequencies ripple through our solar system.  the 5th dimension is for the whole planet, not just a select few.  Though it is probable that majority of mankind will remain totally unaware that changes are happening.

The 5th dimension is important because by all accounts, the Bad ETs cannot function at that frequency.

Raising your Frequency

‘How to raise your frequency’ is the big challenge.

Meditation is the best way

Prayer is the next best thing, if meditation does not come easy.

Quiet Time works –  lie flat on your back like an Indian Fakir, and be quite still for 20-30 minutes.

If you have ideas of your own , please share them in a comment below.

Calls to Wake Up

The easiest way to help wake people us is to share posts like this with groups.  But probably best to create a pseudonym account, so you are not involved personally .

The problem is that even the most intelligent of person can be blocked to alternative  ideas.  You can call it ‘cognitive dissonance’ or whatever.  But if someone is blocked, no amount of words will sway them.  They will keep on taking the vaccine, even to the point that they are suffering from cancer or blood circulation problems that they never had before the vaccine.

Blossom Goodchild

Elena Danaan

Do reptilian hybrids exist on earth?

YES – Reptilian hybrids exist on earth, according to the  whistle blowing testimony of super-soldier Stephen Chua.

Reptilian Hybrids are for real

Chua was a real life X-man with exceptional physical strength and mental powers, and worked in extra special services for many years.   His experience included  hand to hand combat with reptilian hybrids and a face to face encounter 9 foot tall Ciakar warriors.

Area 51 – a haven for ETs

At one stage, Chua worked  at Area 51, where he met numerous unfriendly ETs, engaged in project work.  The ETs in Area 51 were not captives, rather guest workers, who were there to take more than to give.   The ETs had their space crafts hidden underground.

Another whistle blower silenced

He died in mysterious circumstances in his early 50s, soon after his whistle blowing interview with Elena Danaan.   If he was a crack-pot he would still be alive today.  But he knew too much and had to be silenced.

Click A Soldier Speaks for the full interview.

Do extra-terrestrials provide the Missing Link?

Probably YES.  An earth bound ‘missing link’ has never been found.  It seems likely that ETs provided the link between the primates and mankind.

Shirley Maclaine’s  ‘The Camino’

Here is a  different view of our origins, revealed to Shirley Maclaine, and shared in her book ‘The Camino’ about her time on the Camino de Santiago.  She recognised that it all must seem far fetched, but ends her book ‘The Camino’ with the line – ‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’

Lemuria, the Garden of Eden

The story went like this. The environment for life was created over eons by the One Spirit/God Source. Then over seven great periods (days?), the first man was created.  He was androgenous – both male and female – living in Lemuria (the Garden of Eden).  Everything was was a living thing.  Plants and animals, including unicorns, would respond to the thoughts of man.  The earth itself was alive and could respond to the energies around it.  Lemuria’s capital was called Ramu and located where the Hawaiian islands are now.

At the high point in Lemuria, there was total unity of thought and no division from one another. Harmony was/is LOVE. We were as one with the God force.  Levitation in meditation was normal.  Communication was by thought and crystals were used to amplify telepathy.  Mangos ‘when digested properly’ also stimulated telepathy.  Meditation in groups was a daily activity.  Music chord vibrations were used for healing.  The welfare of the group/soul was the focus. Everyone was ‘his brother’s keeper’.

Free Will leads to free fall

Man was given free will and became co-creator of the many different species on earth.  They came to identify more with their creations, and eventually became as one with their physical creations and the oneness with the Deity was lost.  The new individuals left Lemuria and founded Atlantis, which was more hierarchical with ruling ETs.

The separation of the sexes in Atlantis was the turning point.  This was achieved using ET technology within birthing pods.  The souls were split and the female of the androgenous ‘man’ was made separate, leaving the ‘man’ with just the male attributes.  From then on, there was something missing and the quest for one’s ‘other half’ became a driving force.  Society became more grounded, with the male dominating the female and general disharmony.

The new ideas were brought to Lemuria from Atlantis and Lemuria grew further away from God.  The earth’s response were natural disasters which resulted first in the destruction of Lemuria and then Atlantis.

Primates breed with Extra-terrestrials

The ice age followed to cleanse the planet and new life forms appeared.  The primates developed, but they were transformed into the humans of today by interbreeding with extra-terrestrials.  Finding a way back to God has been the challenge ever since.

click for more on Alien Interbreeding

Editor’s Comment –  Almost a third of ‘The Camino’ is devoted to the above.  This summary hardly scrapes the surface and Shirley Maclaine puts it over much better than I could ever do. Her revelations have nothing to do with the Camino de Santiago, and are unlikely auto-suggestions.  So they came from somewhere else … either an imagination like no other … or  information from another dimension.  It is so unlikely that it could just be true.

Do all ETs come from outer-space?

NO.   Not all ETs come from outer-space.  Recent reports indicate that some 20 different races of aliens have settled on earth for long periods and have contributed to the evolution of humankind.

In her ground breaking book on Alien Races, Elena Danaan, tells her story and then outlines the 100+ Alien races who are interested in our Earth, many of whom are present here on earth in one form or another.

Elena Danaan

Alien Interbreeding

Alien Interbreeding over many years would explain why humans are so different in appearance.  The Japanese look may be attributed to a long settlement of the Anaki Race.  The appearance of the indigenous people of the west side of South America owes much to Puxhity settlements many years ago.  Without the visits of the Adari  in India, there would be no blue faced gods in their Vedic texts.

The many alien races include blonde and blue eyed humanoids.  But there are very few aliens with black faces, which suggests that the original inhabitants of earth were black rather than white.

Unfriendly Aliens / Bad ETs

Unfriendly Aliens exist.   The Ciakahrr Reptilians and the Nebu Grays are carnivorous and they have a taste for human flesh.  Just as we prefer lamb to sheep, so they prefer the flesh of children to adults.  For years they have been abducting kids and taking them either to underground bases or to neighbouring planets.  It seems that Startreks’ “Beam me up, Scotty” was closer to reality than we thought.  Hundreds of thousand children go missing every year.

Aliens in Power

The Ciakahrr and the Nebus, the Dark Alliance, are the power behind the cabal and the deep state and are intent on enslaving humankind.  Back in 1957, they tricked the Americans to agree to exchange access to humans for ‘experimentation’, for technology.  President Eisenhower tried to stop it; but the deal was done behind his back and he could not undo it. Since then alien visits are common place , as are UFO sightings.

Friendly Aliens / Good ETs

Members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) or Galactic Federation of Light (GFL)are our friends.  Their eating habits are simple.  If it has a face or a heart, do not eat it.  So we are not seen as food.  They are governed by a law of non-interference, which has held them back.  But the subjection of Earth/Terra could make the Ciakahrr Empire unstoppable, and  the GFW are now intent of saving Terra (earth) from enslavement.

In her latest book, “We will never let you down”, Elena Danaan reports that the GFW has all but completed the expulsion of the Dark Alliance  from Mars, from the Moon and from their underground cities in the Earth.  But it is up to us to bring down the Deep State.  The way forward is for us to raise our frequency towards the 5th dimension, which cannot be reached by the Dark Alliance.

Deep State going for broke

Right now, the deep state is pushing hard to break resistance,  controlling the media and pushing everyone to be injected by a bio-weapon and enforcing a 5G grid.  Vaste numbers have been injected with an MRNA ‘vaccine’ containing graffine, that makes them a receptor.  G5 is already causing problems for many – headaches and brain fog.  When the power is ramped up, G5 will be used to control the people.  Your thoughts will not be your own, and the minority who have resisted the vaccine will be easily neutralised.  If nothing happens, we will slide into enslavement.

Individuals can protest all they want.  But to turn this around, people in positions of authority need to make a stand, and take control of the media away from the deep state. God willing, emisaries of the GFW will convince the right people in the Earth Alliance to act.

Is this Fact or Fiction?

Only time will tell.

Stephen Greer Update May 2022

Dr Stephen Greer has been tracking ETs and UFOs for 30 years and warns of the next fear play to be expected… a fake alien invasion.  Click The Cosmic Hoax for his latest video.