Do reptilian hybrids exist on earth?

YES – Reptilian hybrids exist on earth, according to the  whistle blowing testimony of super-soldier Stephen Chua.

Reptilian Hybrids are for real

Chua was a real life X-man with exceptional physical strength and mental powers, and worked in extra special services for many years.   His experience included  hand to hand combat with reptilian hybrids and a face to face encounter 9 foot tall Ciakar warriors.

Area 51 – a haven for ETs

At one stage, Chua worked  at Area 51, where he met numerous unfriendly ETs, engaged in project work.  The ETs in Area 51 were not captives, rather guest workers, who were there to take more than to give.   The ETs had their space crafts hidden underground.

Another whistle blower silenced

He died in mysterious circumstances in his early 50s, soon after his whistle blowing interview with Elena Danaan.   If he was a crack-pot he would still be alive today.  But he knew too much and had to be silenced.

Click A Soldier Speaks for the full interview.

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