Do extra-terrestrials provide the Missing Link?

Probably YES.  An earth bound ‘missing link’ has never been found.  It seems likely that ETs provided the link between the primates and mankind.

Shirley Maclaine’s  ‘The Camino’

Here is a  different view of our origins, revealed to Shirley Maclaine, and shared in her book ‘The Camino’ about her time on the Camino de Santiago.  She recognised that it all must seem far fetched, but ends her book ‘The Camino’ with the line – ‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’

Lemuria, the Garden of Eden

The story went like this. The environment for life was created over eons by the One Spirit/God Source. Then over seven great periods (days?), the first man was created.  He was androgenous – both male and female – living in Lemuria (the Garden of Eden).  Everything was was a living thing.  Plants and animals, including unicorns, would respond to the thoughts of man.  The earth itself was alive and could respond to the energies around it.  Lemuria’s capital was called Ramu and located where the Hawaiian islands are now.

At the high point in Lemuria, there was total unity of thought and no division from one another. Harmony was/is LOVE. We were as one with the God force.  Levitation in meditation was normal.  Communication was by thought and crystals were used to amplify telepathy.  Mangos ‘when digested properly’ also stimulated telepathy.  Meditation in groups was a daily activity.  Music chord vibrations were used for healing.  The welfare of the group/soul was the focus. Everyone was ‘his brother’s keeper’.

Free Will leads to free fall

Man was given free will and became co-creator of the many different species on earth.  They came to identify more with their creations, and eventually became as one with their physical creations and the oneness with the Deity was lost.  The new individuals left Lemuria and founded Atlantis, which was more hierarchical with ruling ETs.

The separation of the sexes in Atlantis was the turning point.  This was achieved using ET technology within birthing pods.  The souls were split and the female of the androgenous ‘man’ was made separate, leaving the ‘man’ with just the male attributes.  From then on, there was something missing and the quest for one’s ‘other half’ became a driving force.  Society became more grounded, with the male dominating the female and general disharmony.

The new ideas were brought to Lemuria from Atlantis and Lemuria grew further away from God.  The earth’s response were natural disasters which resulted first in the destruction of Lemuria and then Atlantis.

Primates breed with Extra-terrestrials

The ice age followed to cleanse the planet and new life forms appeared.  The primates developed, but they were transformed into the humans of today by interbreeding with extra-terrestrials.  Finding a way back to God has been the challenge ever since.

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Editor’s Comment –  Almost a third of ‘The Camino’ is devoted to the above.  This summary hardly scrapes the surface and Shirley Maclaine puts it over much better than I could ever do. Her revelations have nothing to do with the Camino de Santiago, and are unlikely auto-suggestions.  So they came from somewhere else … either an imagination like no other … or  information from another dimension.  It is so unlikely that it could just be true.

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