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Is the World Health Organisation leading the way towards One World Government?

YES –  Amendments to the International Health Regulations due to be actioned in May 2023, will dramatically reduced the freedoms of the WHO member states. In future WHO directives could become ‘binding’.

Amendments to the International Health Regulations

Amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) are being formalised between February 20 and 24. They will be ratified by the WHO council in May 2023.  If the more extreme amendments are allowed to stand, and the foundations of a One World Government will be laid.

There are 50 amendments proposed that will undermine our freedom.  They are detailed by James Roguski, a leading campaigner. Click 50 Really Bad Amendments to Roguski’s summary, or listen to Roguski in conversation with Maria Zeee.

The most threatening amendments proposed are to  …

1] Remove the requirement to implement the IHR with “full respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons.”

2] Remove the words “non-binding” from the terms “standing recommendation” and “temporary recommendation”. to open the way to recommendations that have to be followed.

3] Surrender (medical) sovereignty to the World Health Organization.

4] Restrict people’s freedom to travel by requiring a Global Digital ID (passport)

5] Give the World Health Organization control over the means of production for the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex.

6] Expand the scope of the IHR by enabling the Director-General and Regional Directors to declare Intermediate Health Alerts, Public Health Emergencies of Regional Concern (PHERC) and Public Health Emergencies of International Concern on their sole authority if they determine that events merely have the “potential” to cause an actual emergency.

7] Authorize the World Health Organization to interfere in the crafting of legislation within sovereign nations.

8] Authorize the WHO to censor information   (Many would say they do this already)

A simple majority is all that is required

A simple majority is all that is needed to bring these amendments into force.  So it is important that we all are write to our political representatives to demand that they stand against the unelected WHO.

Act Now to Protect Freedom

A few years ago, the WHO changed the definition of Pandemia to include any virus that COULD cause lose of life.  By this they made the way for the Lockdowns that did as much harm as the virus itself.

The WHO gave themselves just 4 days to formalize the amendments, not enough time for proper scrutiny.  Most amendments will be pushed through and then they will be rubber stamped in May unless over 50% of countries say ‘NO’.

If these amendments go through,  the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the deep state will be well on their way to total control.

If you have any doubts read the Revised_Draft_Of_The_Negotiating_Text_Of_The_Who_Pandemic_Agreement as lifted from the WHO website by  campaigner James Roguski.. Thanks are due to Roguski for leading the way outing the WHO.

Is there hope for the future of Humans?

YES – There is a ray of hope that Humans will avoid becoming yet another slave race.

Right now the future looks bleak.  The New World Order in the West is intent on reducing us to slavery with Agenda 30, by forcing  artificial intelligence on us.  In the future, “you will own nothing and be happy”.   see the latest  Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal  by Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter – episode 25 and episode 26 – neither are in any way positive.

In the East, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is subjugating their own people and developing bio weapons to subjugate the rest of us. see China illegal organ harvest


The Ray of Hope in the West

The probability is that the covid virus / bio weapon was released prematurely – by accident or deliberately leaked.  If it had come out six month’s later it could have been much worse.  By coming out when it did, it forced the deep state (represented by the WHO, the WEF, by Fauci and Gates) to put into action the plans for  the New World Order; plans that have been laid over decades.  But the virus/bio weapon was not as deadly as envisaged.  The premature release has given many many people time to wake up and to connect with the Good ETs, who are ready to help if asked.

The Ray of Hope in the East

The CCP in China looks invincible right now (January 2023).  But that could change.   Pressure from Without and Pressure from Within could lead to a change in direction. The pressure from Without would be more countries prohibiting transplants with organs from China.  The pressure from Within will come from the millions of Falun Gongers who continue to spread peace and love inspite of the dangers.  Hopefully the endeavours of the Chinese people will be rewarded by a deputation from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, that will be the catalyst for change and lead to a Republic of China that it is a true People’s Republic.

The Good ETs need to show themselves.

Good ETs as represented by the Galactic Federation of Worlds are key to the future of mankind.  Now is the time for Fiction to become Reality.

see for more images

If you have got this far, the best thing that you can do is Pray , and ask that the Good ETs  show themselves and help everyone to wake up.

Click Goodbye Janet for links to her obituary.  She committed suicide in November 2023.

Is China a criminal state, enforcing illegal organ harvest?

YES –  Since 1999, the CCP in China has cut out organs from over a million prisoners of conscience, while still alive. This illegal organ harvest is the basis of China’s multi billion dollar international Organ Transplant business.  It’s The China Holocaust.

Organs extracted from the Living

china organ harvest

The victims are mainly from the 100 million Chinese (1 in 13 of the population) who were devoted to the peaceful practice of Falun Gong.  It all went wrong in July 1999 when tens of thousand Falun Gongers came to Beijing to ask for legal recognition and freedom from state interference.  The CCP response to this challenge, was to outlaw Falun Gong and round up the peaceful protesters. The persecution continued throughout China.

falun gong
Falun Gongers – August 2021

Concentration Camps Feed Organ Transplant Centres

Falun Gongers are held in concentration camps attached to Centres dedicated to organ transplants.  Organs are supplied on demand and are taken from living Falun Gongers without proper anaesthetic, who die in the process. Well over a million have died in this way in the 23 years since Falun Gong was outlawed.

The organs are also harvested from victims from the Uighur/Muslim,  Tibetan and Christian populations.

The China Holocaust  made public in 2005

The China Holocaust  was made public in 2005 by Ethan Gutmann (The Slaughter) and David Matas (Bloody Harvest).  In 2008 it received worldwide coverage when the China Tribunal in London, UK, investigated and confirmed that the allegations were true. The tribunal is headed by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC.  china tribunal

Mainstream Media ignore the China Holocaust

The mainstream media have ignored and continue to ignore the China Holocaust.  No action has been taken by the UN, by the USA and most governments.  The Olympics took place in China in 2022, in spite of China’s total lack of human rights.   All this rather confirms that the CCP tentacles extend far and wide.  The major news machines have received significant payments from the CCP; effectively paid to give positions of responsibility to CCP moles.

nyTimes CNN

Media covering the Falun Gong story has included Epoch News, Fox News and  UK’s Daily Mail .

As at January 2023, the only countries to take action and outlaw the purchase of organs from China are Israel, Taiwan, Italy and Spain.

Falun Gong organ harvest – Sources

The search “falun gong organ harvest” returned numerous  videos confiming that organ harvest is for real.  Sources  include .

Can we trust the Mainstream Media?

If the mainstream media can ignore such blatant disregard for human rights, how can they be believed in other matters like the safety of the covid vaccine, the purpose/safety of 5G electromagnetic waves and the purpose/safety of geoengineering chemtrails.

Bodies exhibition is an Insult

The next image is from one of the exhibits in the touring Bodies exhibition.  Most of the bodies have Chinese features and it is extremely likely that you are looking at a victim of organ harvesting.

Bodies exhibition Insult

Web Welcome to BODIES, the Exhibition
The Exhibition showcases 13 whole-body specimens and more than 260 organs and partial body specimens.  These real human bodies have been meticulously dissected and preserved through an innovative polymer process.  The bodies are respectfully presented, giving visitors the opportunity to view the beauty and complexity of their own organs and systems.

It is hard to believe that someone could think of something like BODIES , and that masses of people would waste time & money on it.