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Do Chemtrails reduce global warming?

NO – If Chemtrails aim to reduce global warming, they are a failure.  We have been subjected to polluting Chemtrails for nearly 10 years, and they have no effect on land temperature.  In march 13 2023 Valencia saw a temperature of 31 degrees , which had everyone flocking to the beach.

Valencia beach in March
The warming of the seabed triggers the risk of more extreme storms

Chemtrails cost money.

  • the planes have a significant carbon footprint
  • The pilots have to be paid
  • The nano-particles thrown into the sky have a cost.
  • The dust causes respiratory illness

So who authorised chemtrails in Spain?

Pedro Sanchez issued an executive order (Boletin  Oficial del Estado)  authorizing the use of chemtrails as a means of disinfection against Covid.  Hard to believe , but it’s true, see belowBOE Chemtrails

Chemtrails in Spain are for Disinfection!

They may interfere with the weather.  Farmers in Murcia blame lack of rain on the Chemtrails.