Can a CDS spray disinfect a virus?

YES – The Chlorine dioxide (CD) spray disinfects virus and bacteria.  Spray your throat to stop a virus taking hold.

The Chlorine dioxide (CD) spray is based on the original MMS formula, and does not need to be refrigerated.  It will last 2 weeks or more.  But it will get weaker as time goes by and the chlorine element evaporates.

Chlorine dioxide spray Chlorine dioxide (CD) works like oxygenated water as used by dentists or by nurses to clean a wound.  CD kills bacteria and viruses, and can be sprayed on a cut to help it heal.  You can also spray it on an aching tooth.   CD kills bacteria and takes away the pain temporarily.

CD Spray disinfects a Virus

Spray your throat after you have been in busy places, like shops, airports or hospitals.  The spray will kill a virus before it takes hold.  CD sees no difference between flu and Covid.  It kills them both.

CDS Spray

If you already make CDS, the gas form of ClO2, you can make your protective spray by mixing 1/3 CDS to 2/3 water with a tiny amount of salt.

Kalcker in Spanish on the importance of the ClO2 spray to protect doctors and nurses from the virus.

DIY CD Spray

You can do it yourself (DIY).   The formula is very simple.

Add 30 drops of Hydrochloric Acid  and 30 drops of sodium chlorite to a 20 ml spray bottle.  Fill up the bottle with water.  The two ingredients are widely available.  We are based in Spain, where we buy from   You can also buy from You can even find it on Amazon.

Spray ingredients

You can also get ClO2  (Chlorine dioxide) in pill form from ActivatedMineralSolution

AMS2 pills

2 thoughts on “Can a CDS spray disinfect a virus?”

  1. If you are using chlorine dioxide for Covid, please add your comment, tell your story. Your experience will encourage others to use CDS and will help to save lives.

    1. I have had incredible success with CD on Covid patients – patients have been removed from ventilators; oxygen machines. Asthma patients have reported incredible progress. Yesterday a guy whose gums have been bleeding for three years stopped bleeding in three minutes.
      I have had 100% recovery with Covid patients of any magnitude .
      Once they start coughing a productive cough I know they’re on their way to recovery. I make sure they drink energy boost water to help them with energy while they cough it out, and also to be strong while the virus is being inactivated.

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