Does the PCR test contain Morgellons-like Fibres?

YES – the standard PCR test contains Morgellons-like fibres that are stuffed up your nose right to the outer wall of your brain.

The test requires the swab to be rubbed against the tissues ensuring that fibres become attached to you.

see adrenogate for the full story.. “We are talking about a self-replicating inorganic synthetic “life-form” that embedds itself in your tissue and assembles actual wireless transmission antenna arrays, outfitted with copper orbs and all, designed to transmit data in both directions while instructing the host body to produce further mutagenic pathogens within the infected individual.”

or you can search Duckduckgo for “pcr test fibers” to get this result

pcr test fibers on duckduckgo

if you run this search on Google you get what the deep state want you to see… along with the sponsored and spurious “fact checker” sites.

pcr test fibers on Google

This proof positive that Google is censors content.

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