CDS Cures Covid19 in Bolivia?

Bolivia legislates to permit the use of CDS – Chlorine Dioxide Solution – to treat Covid19 symptoms.   It appears that CDS cures Covid19 in Bolivia.

Bad News from Bolivia

Bolivia’s coronavirus death rate appears to be among the world’s worst.   A  report stated that ..

“Calls to pick up bodies were inundating the country’s forensic office. By July, agents were gathering up to 150 bodies per day, 15 times the usual amount in previous years, said Bolivia’s chief forensic official, Andrés Flores.  So many people were dying that it was obvious the government’s numbers couldn’t be accurate.

The demand on his office suggested that the official tally of Covid-19 deaths — now just over 4,300 — was a vast undercount, Mr Flores said.  But with limited testing, scarce resources, and a political crisis that is tearing the country apart, the extra lives lost were going largely unrecognized.” (Dico Solis/Associated Press).

Winters are harsh in the most populated areas of Bolivia.   Covid19 like Flu thrives in cold temperatures, especially among the poor.

Damned lies and statistics

The official figures don´t look too bad, in comparison with countries in Europe.  But the actual death rate  in Bolivia could be  1+% of the population

As they say … “there are lies, damned lies and statistics”.

Covid cases and deaths should be compared with population figures.  They rarely are.

Also there are no figures for Covid deaths with no prior health conditions.  If the death count included only the deaths due to Covid and nothing else, the totals would be very different.

Good news from Bolivia

In Bolivia, doctors had to do something.  With no vaccine in sight,  they started to use CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) to prevent Covid19 symptoms and to reduce or eliminate symptoms  of Covid19 sufferers.

The Bolivian government opposed the use of CDS in the treatment of Covid19, following the official line that there is no cure for Covid.  But the results in Bolivia have been so irrefutably positive that in August 2020 the Bolivian legislature, led by socialist senator, Milton Baron, overruled the government and legalised the use of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) in the treatment of Covid19.   As reported by  LaRazon.

Why  CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

There is nothing new about Chlorine Dioxide.  It has been successfully used to kill viruses for years.  It has been mainly used to purify water.   Diluted with water  – 10ml Chlorine Dioxide to a Litre. ie a 0.01% solution – CDS is suitable for human consumption and can be taken as a prevention and as a cure for a virus.

Chlorine Dioxide is not protected by patent and is an affordable treatment.   This maybe explains the enthusiasm of the many who insist that CDS is a hoax.

See Doctors cure with CDS for more information (to follow)

CDS – a worldwide cure for Covid19

Parliaments in democratic countries could do the same as Bolivia and legalise the use of CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution) to treat Covid 19.

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