Pontevedra, Galicia – Corona Virus or 5G syndrome?

It has long been accepted that corona viruses do not like the heat, which is why you rarely see cases of flu in the summer.  So could it be that 5G syndrome is causing the covid surges in Pontevedra?

Almost everyone is standing on their head trying to convince us that this corona virus is different and can come on strong in the height of the summer.  But there seems to be no scientific explanation as to how this can be.

5G the cause?

There is another explanation for the summer surges in Covid staring us in the face, namely 5G.   Pontevedra has gone from having no 5G in 2019 to having 625+ 5G points according to the Ookla-5G-map

Pontevedra Covid vs 5G towers

The Covid map comes from elespanol.com.  It is clear that there is higher covid, where there is lots of 5G

Dangers of 5G

There are numerous websites warning of the dangers of 5G syndrome.  Put “5G symptoms”  into your browser and you will be surprised what you find.  Sites worth a visit include:-

Political action needed

The maps show that there is a clear correlaction between 5G and Covid.  local politicians should take appropriate action to protect their electorate.  For example shut down 5G in selected areas  for at least 6 months, and see how the shut down affects the covid figures.


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