Is JFK Junior about to make a come back?

Possibly YES – JFK Junior is about to make a come back.

It was mooted by Jan Osgebaard last year in her “Fall of the Cabal” series that JFK junior was still be alive.  It seemed somewhat far fetched then.

But it seems that it could be so.  Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot is clear that he is one and the same as Juan O’Savin, who is an active commentator on social media.

Juan O’Savin

Click Nino’s Corner to hear Juan O’Savin in conversation.  Here are some pointers towards Juan’s real identity.

  • Juan is John in Spanish
  • Savin is a place name in the Kennedy history (as per Kerry)
  • Juan’s voice does not sound at all latino
  • In fact he sounds just like his cousin Robert Kennedy Jr
  • In the interview, he did not show show his face, only his leg stretch


search duckduckgo with “savin kennedy” and you will see that FCP is not alone.   All very strange.  What’s it all about?  Hopefully all will be revealed in the not too distant future.

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