Is there an easy way to take DMSO?

YES – DMSO may have a horrid taste.  But with this DMSO protocol, you can mask the taste by taking it with sea salt and/or apple vinegar.

DMSO heals

DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) has many healing properties.  But you will not be prescribed by your doctor, as it is not a product patented and supplied by big pharma.  To find out more you could type “dmso alzheimers” or “dmso cancer” into your browser.   If you use a Kindle, you will find numerous books on DMSO.  Read a few samples to get an idea of how important DMSO could be to you.  Click Pubmed Alzheimers or Wiley Cancer or Healthline Arthritis for more info.

DMSO dissolves

DMSO  is also a solvent and will help other medicine or supplements get to where they are needed.  it is known to penetrate the  Blood-Brain Barrier.  It is also can eliminate Amyloid Proteins – proteins that wont dissolve naturally.  The vaccine spike protein is one such Amyloid protein – see Pubmed.  If you have had the vaccine, DMSO could be a good way to get the spike protein out of your system.

DMSO Sulfur Compound


DMSO contains sulfur – a much needed mineral – that generates heat when mixed with water.  So best to but 99.% DMSO and mix it 8 to 2 water in a smaller glass bottle with hard plastic dropper.  DMSO will dissolve soft plastic.  Once diluted to 80% or 90%,  it mixes well with water or whatever without generating heat.


DMSO  has rather an unpleasant taste.  See below for ways to take it, to get maximum benefit and minimise the after-taste.


After breakfast is the time to take DMSO. 1 teaspoon or 10 drops of 80% DMSO in a glass of fruit juice and water. You can add a half tea spoon of sea salt and a full tea spoon of apple vinegar to almost completely mask the taste of DMSO.  Use this to wash down any supplements / medicines you are taking.


DMSO increases the effect of the supplements.  The safe thing is to reduce the quantity of supplement by 50%.  If it is a pill, take half a day instead of 1.  Or take it every other day.  DMSO is a money saver!


DMSO increases the effect of the medicines.  The safe thing is to reduce the dose by 33%. In time you will be able to reduce the dose by 50% or more.  The standard message is that you must consult your doctor before doing anything.  But few doctors have any experience of non-pharmaceutical products like DMSO.


DMSO goes well with any tea without milk, such as mint tea, pine needle tea or black tea.  A tea spoon of apple vinegar masks the taste of the DMSO.  Honey or other sweetener is optional.


DMSO Twice a day seems right for maintenance. If you have a serious issue, then 3 or 4 times a day is OK.  It is almost impossible to overdose with DMSO.


The above is not medical advice.  The author is not a doctor.  The reader should take advice before changing the dose of his medication.

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