Covid19 Vaccine versus Cure

Covid19  Cures are available and needed now, while a safe vaccine won’t be ready for this winter.  The two cures available are not new.  They have been in use for years, and do not require clinical trials to prove they are safe.


Click The Vaccine is Dangerous  for a video in English from honest experts warning of the dangers.  The Doctors’ testimony starts after 25 minutes. But it worth seeing it all to get the whole picture.


‘Vaccine enhanced disease’  sounds like Covid-plus.


Covid cures available , but blocked by the powers that be that prefer to  lock us down and make money from the vaccine,  Here  are some …

Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Solution (CDS)

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)  and the Chlorine Dioxide Gas Solution (CDS) as a cure for Covid19 is championed by Andreas Kalcker.   See

Kalcker true

CD has been around for years as MMS,  used as alternative medicine.   The power of MMS as a healing agent was discovered by Jim Humble.  Mainstream medicine was not interested and the only the share MMS with people who needed it was to set up a church, which is what he did.    Genesis ll church is still going strong.

CD or ClO2 and CDS are proven cures.  Hundreds of people in Spain have benefited from the Kalcker web site.  But the experience in Bolivia is the clincher. The legislature in Bolivia would not have overruled the government and legalised CDS as a Covid treatment, if the evidence had not been impossible to ignore.  See Covid Cured in Bolivia.

Recent trials in Ecuador also show that Chlorine Dioxide really works.  See Covid Cured in Ecuador

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)has been been used by doctors for many year as Chloroquine, to treat malaria.  HCQ as a cure for Covid19 is championed by Prof. Didier Raoult in France, where he has treated many Covid19 patients with success.

In January 2021, the FDA in the USA approved to use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid patients.

prof didier
Prof Didier Raoult

Up till 2021,  positive tests conducted by independent scientists / doctors have been ignored.  See   HCQ Scandal.  The main finding is that the medicine has to be taken as soon as the symptoms appear.  When  a patient has to be hospitalised , it is often too late.   see CNN Report

Ziverdo in India


this was downloaded from Telegram, the uncensored answer to whatsapp


Invermectin is an antiparasitic that is used in many countries and it turns out that it helps chlorine “cl” to the cells. It has the same or similar protection principle as chlorine dioxide.  So for people who do not have access to chlorine dioxide, Invermectin is another valid option.

It has been reported that one dose protects you for a month. The dosage would be 150 micrograms for every kilo of weight every 20 kilos 3 milligrams. see  Australian-Report for more info.

Chlorine Dioxide / CDS the preferred treatment

CDS is our preferred treatment. It is available on-line or even better you can buy the ingredients and make it yourself. Andreas Kalcker tells you exactly how to do it.  CDS is easy to take and has no side effects.  You can also use it as a throat spray.

Thanks to Andreas Kalcker’s generosity the information is freely available to everyone to benefit from CDS.  Kalcker trained in Alicante and all his material and videos are avilable in Spanish, which makes CDS the best for Spain.

It’s not too late

It is not too late to embrace a cure and get measures in place to avoid the worst of what is to come.

Possible Measures

  • CDS Sprays should be fitted in public places, schools and universities, so people are disinfected.
  • People testing positive for Covid should be given CDS
  • People living in crowded conditions should be given CD Sprays

Click CD Spray  for quick prevention

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