Are the Unvaccinated a Danger to the Vaccinated?

NO – The Unvaccinated are not a special danger. “The risk that unvaccinated individuals might pose to someone who is fully vaccinated is very minimal.”

July 2021 UK reports that 40% (originally stated as 60%) of new covid admissions in hospital have been people who have been double vaccinated. This indicates that vaccinated are as likely to carry the virus, as the vaccinated .  see lifesitenews for the full story.

Risks ‘quite low’ to ‘very minimal’

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky says “if you are near that person (unvaccinated) and you are vaccinated your risk is variously quite low,” CDC is the American Centre for Disease Control.


“The risk that unvaccinated individuals might pose to someone who is fully vaccinated is very minimal.” According to Gillian Conrad, the Communications Director of Berrien County Health Department. See MSN news for the full story.

Others maintain that “The greater the number of unvaccinated people in a community, the more opportunity germs have to spread.” This was written in 2017 for the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, well before covid and the dread MRNA shot.

If unwell, keep to yourself

If you get ill, it is important to stay away from other people, so the germs can’t spread. This is true for the vaccinated , as well as the unvaccinated.

But if you have been taking CDS as a prophelactic, it is extremely unlikely or even impossible that you could be affected by the corona virus.

Maybe the Vaccinated are the danger

Finally many would maintain that vaccinated are a danger to the unvaccinated, not the other way round. ElColectivodeUno cites a Pfizer document that acknowledges that anyone could be exposed to the vaccine spike proteins by inhalation or skin contact… See FCP article on shedding for more.

To take the shot or Not is a Personal Choice

The Anti-Vax think someone crazy to take the shot.  The Vaccinated think the same about the Unvaccinated.  It can drive friends and family apart.

It is up to us all not to let this happen.  It is important for our individual wellbeing that we keep in touch literally.  We all need a good hug from our loved ones now and again.

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