Is summer covid a G5 sickness or a corona virus disease?

Summer Covid is almost certainly a 5G phenomena.  Given that a corona virus is stronger in the cold than in the hot months,  it is extremely unlikely that the surge in covid in the summer months could be  caused by the Wuhan corona virus coming on stronger than it was in the cold months.

To see if there might be a relationship between 5G and the surges in ‘Covid’, we looked at the hot spot countries to see whether they had recently implemented 5G.  The countries studied were as follows:-


Country with link to 5G report Covid Statistics to July 2021.
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Argentina –  launches G5 in 2021 argentina-stats-2021
Armenia –  Starts G5 testing in 2020 armenia-stats-2021
Australia –  launches G5 in 2020
Bahrain –  launches G5 in 2021 bahrain-stats-2021
Colombia-  Starts G5 testing in 2020 colombia-stats-2021
Cuba –  launches G5 in 2021 cuba-stats-2021
Cyprus –  launches G5 in 2021
Finland –  launches G5 in 2021
India –  launches G5 in 2021
Israel –  launches G5 in 2020
Italy –  launches G5 in 2019
Japan –  launches G5 in 2020
Kenya  –  launches G5 in 2021
Mongolia  –  launches G5 in 2020
Namibia –  launches G5 in 2020
Nepal –  launches G5 in 2021
Singapore –  launches G5 in 2020
South Africa –  launches G5 in 2021
Spain –  launches G5 in 2020
Switzerland –  launches G5 in 2019
Taiwan –  launches G5 in 2021
Tunisia –  launches G5 in 2021
UK –  launches G5 in 2020

Covid in the Heat

Most of the countries above are in the northern hemisphere and in summer at the time of writing.  Nevertheless most have been identified as Covid hotspots by  IbiTimes or Gsmarena.

Corona viruses, like the flu virus, do not like hot temperatures.  This suggests that the increase in ‘covid-like’ cases were actually disorder provoked by 5G.  It seems that 5G does not just weaken the immune system making us more vulnerable;  5G actually provokes the symptoms and deaths that are attributed to  Covid.

Death Rates

The death rate in all countries has been very low – see the red line –  but this is expected to change.  It takes about 6 months before people start dieing from the effects of G5.

The Way Forward

Local Covid  hotpsot need to be analysed.   The distance between the home address of covid patients in hospital and the nearest 5G tower should be recorded.    It would be interesting to know the percentage within 100 metres, between 101 and 200 metres  etc.

If the results show that there is a correlaction between 5G and Covid, local politicians should take the appropriate action to protect their electorate and improve their chances of winning the next election.


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