CDS Covid Protocol

CDS Covid Protocol

Doctors trust in CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution).  All over South America doctors have turned to CDS and have been rewarded with tremendous results.  The Covid protocol in the image is used in Mexico.  Note the hash tag ‘YoMeCuroConCDS’  /  ‘I cure myself with CDS’.   See below for a loose translation.


The Covid protocol used in Mexico.  Note the hash tag ‘YoMeCuroCon CDS’  /  ‘I cure myself with CDS’.

The moment you feel a fever coming on, go for Protocol F.  Get a litre of water and add 8ml of CDS , and drink it 2 gulps at a time every 15 minutes.  So at the end of 2 – 3 hours you have finished it. Do it once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Or do it once and then follow with Protocol C

Then carry on with Protocol C till you feel better.  Get a litre of water and add 10ml of CDS , and drink it  by gulps every 6 minutes – ie 10 gulps an hour until you have finshed it.  Repeat next day with ‘C’ , until you feel better.

IMPORTANT – CDS has an oxygenation effect that kills viruses and bacteria.  Do not mix CDS with anti-oxidents such as coffee or tea,  orange juice, apples or vitamin C, that will neutralise the oxygenation effect.  It is best to leave it an hour after eating before taking your next gulp of CDS.

Tip – To keep your temperature down, take an aspirin or paracetomal.  Or use a cold towel on your forehead.  drink lots of water and sweat it out, while you wait for the CDS to work its magic.

Tip – if you lose your appetite, you must make yourself eat, to give you the energy to fight the illness.  Eat little and often 5 times a day, at breakfast, mid morning 11s, lunch, tea time and supper.

Recommendation – Keep a reserve of CDS in dark bottles in the fridge at all times.   So if you or yours come down with a fever, you can start treatment straightaway.  If you nip it in the bud, you  will be back to normal in the next day or two.    If you were in poor health before, you will need to keep on taking the CDS for a few weeks. The original name Miracle Mineral Solution was spot on.  The effect on viruses is miraculous.