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Is Agenda30 anti-democratic?

YES – Agenda 30 is totally anti-democratic, as evidenced by declarations from proponents such as WEF, the World Economic Forum,

WEF promotes Agenda30

Here are some links that give you a glimpse of the future.

Welcome To 2030 a young leaders view of the world after the Great Reset. 
WEF Predictions for 2030 – a critical view.

Spain aligns with Agenda30

Spain now has a minister for Agenda 30 with its own website. The promotional video talks of over 100 countries signing up to Agenda 30 and its aims to eliminate poverty.  click Official Video for the official line. The only political party to speak against Agenda30 is Vox.

The official video does not say that almost no country has had democratic vote to approve Agenda30.  It also does not say how it is to be achieved. The WEF gives an idea of what is ahead:  Depopulation by vaccine; social control by face recognition and social credits as used in China – Totalitarianism.

Dispossession is also to be expected. It is happening now as businesses have been ruined by successive lock downs .  According to Klaus Schwab , the head of WEF,  in 2030 we “will own nothing and be happy” .

Do reptilian hybrids exist on earth?

YES – Reptilian hybrids exist on earth, according to the  whistle blowing testimony of super-soldier Stephen Chua.

Reptilian Hybrids are for real

Chua was a real life X-man with exceptional physical strength and mental powers, and worked in extra special services for many years.   His experience included  hand to hand combat with reptilian hybrids and a face to face encounter 9 foot tall Ciakar warriors.

Area 51 – a haven for ETs

At one stage, Chua worked  at Area 51, where he met numerous unfriendly ETs, engaged in project work.  The ETs in Area 51 were not captives, rather guest workers, who were there to take more than to give.   The ETs had their space crafts hidden underground.

Another whistle blower silenced

He died in mysterious circumstances in his early 50s, soon after his whistle blowing interview with Elena Danaan.   If he was a crack-pot he would still be alive today.  But he knew too much and had to be silenced.

Click A Soldier Speaks for the full interview.

Do extra-terrestrials provide the Missing Link?

Probably YES.  An earth bound ‘missing link’ has never been found.  It seems likely that ETs provided the link between the primates and mankind.

Shirley Maclaine’s  ‘The Camino’

Here is a  different view of our origins, revealed to Shirley Maclaine, and shared in her book ‘The Camino’ about her time on the Camino de Santiago.  She recognised that it all must seem far fetched, but ends her book ‘The Camino’ with the line – ‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’

Lemuria, the Garden of Eden

The story went like this. The environment for life was created over eons by the One Spirit/God Source. Then over seven great periods (days?), the first man was created.  He was androgenous – both male and female – living in Lemuria (the Garden of Eden).  Everything was was a living thing.  Plants and animals, including unicorns, would respond to the thoughts of man.  The earth itself was alive and could respond to the energies around it.  Lemuria’s capital was called Ramu and located where the Hawaiian islands are now.

At the high point in Lemuria, there was total unity of thought and no division from one another. Harmony was/is LOVE. We were as one with the God force.  Levitation in meditation was normal.  Communication was by thought and crystals were used to amplify telepathy.  Mangos ‘when digested properly’ also stimulated telepathy.  Meditation in groups was a daily activity.  Music chord vibrations were used for healing.  The welfare of the group/soul was the focus. Everyone was ‘his brother’s keeper’.

Free Will leads to free fall

Man was given free will and became co-creator of the many different species on earth.  They came to identify more with their creations, and eventually became as one with their physical creations and the oneness with the Deity was lost.  The new individuals left Lemuria and founded Atlantis, which was more hierarchical with ruling ETs.

The separation of the sexes in Atlantis was the turning point.  This was achieved using ET technology within birthing pods.  The souls were split and the female of the androgenous ‘man’ was made separate, leaving the ‘man’ with just the male attributes.  From then on, there was something missing and the quest for one’s ‘other half’ became a driving force.  Society became more grounded, with the male dominating the female and general disharmony.

The new ideas were brought to Lemuria from Atlantis and Lemuria grew further away from God.  The earth’s response were natural disasters which resulted first in the destruction of Lemuria and then Atlantis.

Primates breed with Extra-terrestrials

The ice age followed to cleanse the planet and new life forms appeared.  The primates developed, but they were transformed into the humans of today by interbreeding with extra-terrestrials.  Finding a way back to God has been the challenge ever since.

click for more on Alien Interbreeding

Editor’s Comment –  Almost a third of ‘The Camino’ is devoted to the above.  This summary hardly scrapes the surface and Shirley Maclaine puts it over much better than I could ever do. Her revelations have nothing to do with the Camino de Santiago, and are unlikely auto-suggestions.  So they came from somewhere else … either an imagination like no other … or  information from another dimension.  It is so unlikely that it could just be true.

Do you really need a covid vaccine booster?

NO – You do not need another covid vaccine. Doctor calls for a pause in vaccines, as evidence of blood clots mount. You may not have had a reaction from the vaccine, but you don’t know what’s going on in your body.

Taking the first shots may have seemed a good idea at the time.  Without the vaccine it was difficult to travel, to work and even difficult to be served in a restaurant.

But time has moved on.  Here are some reasons to say No to the booster:-

Say NO to the booster

  • The vaccine wont stop you getting covid.   The media tells you that the vaccine reduces the severity.  But the reality is that the latest variants are not so threatening.
  • If you have had Covid, then the covid anti-bodies in your system  give you as much protection as the vaccine.  Click for a link to one of the few studies on the persistence of anti-bodies.
  • Long covid is a reality for 10 – 15% of the vaccinated that have subsequently contracted covid. The media would have you believe that you are more likely to get long covid if you have not been vaccinated. But there are no statistics to support this. Click for Oxford research into long covid.
  • The vaccine provokes “antibody-dependent enhancement ” (ADE) which reduces the effectiveness of your natural immune system by as much as 70%.  (See for more).  We all know someone who has been vaccinated and now has problems recovering from random infections. Click Sunnylan for another independent view on ADE.
  • The vaccine spike protein morfs into blood clots, which may/will kill you eventually.  see Blood Clot Expose or Rumble Clots.
  • UK Doctor Malhotra publishes peer reviewed paper calling for a pause in vaccinations.  He was an advocate of the vaccine until his prevously fit father died of blood clots six months after taking the shot.  Click Doctor’s Paper for the full paper or childrenshealthdefense for the backstory.
  • The vaccine contains undesirable Morgellons and graphene. If this is not enough to put you off, almost all the vaccines were developed using foetal tissue from aborted babies, as indeed do most modern drugs.  see NationalGeographic for an objective view.
  • Vaccine reactions can happen  after the booster. Strokes and cancer are real risks.  Put “Covid vaccine strokes” or “Covid vaccine cancer” into your browser to find out more; or listen to Dr Roger Hodgkinson on, or read what is happening to pilots on

Stop the SMS vaccine reminder

The only way to stop the mass vaccination in Spain is for the Ministry of Health to stop sending out text messages with the date and time of your next vaccination.   The sending of unsolicited messages is normally contrary to the data protection laws, and we have invited ‘Abogados por la libertad’ (Telegram) to see if we can use the law to stop this.  Other countries like Austria don’t do mass SMS , why should Spain?

Stop Compulsory Vaccination

In Spain the covid vaccine is not compulsory.  But it is compulsory in many countries such as Italy, where everyone over 50 must be vaccinated, or pay a 100 euro fine.   This breaks the Nuremburg Convention that requires consent before any treatment.

Is 5G EMF bad for the health?

YES – 5G EMF is bad for the health, as reported in numerous studies, led by the   86% of cases were adversely affected by ELF (Extremely Low Frequency – 3-30 Hz) or  EMF (Electromagnetic Field)  in 4 different studies over a total of 767 cases.

Bioinitiative test results
Bioinitiative test results summary

Click bioinitiative to see the results in detail.

EMF – ElectroMagnetic Fields – Compared

EMF is  measured in Volts per metre  (V/m), with power density measured as microwatt  per square centimetre   ( µW/cm)

Independent scientific bodies recommended a V/m of less than 1 V.m and a  µW/cmof 10 or less. The official organ, the ICNIRP, specified no clear limits.  These limits were set before the hi-tec boom.  EMF readings are now as much as 4 V/m in a home.

But the real cause for concern are the EMF readings generated around 5G towers.  The following table shows that  the EMF readings near a 5G tower are over 150 times the typical reading in a home.


You can scroll down to see images of the various readings.

5G EMF is a danger to health

The ICNIRP advises that it is not clear that EMF causes health problems.  But we know that EMF does have an effect on the human body.  Electro-magnets are used all the time in hospitals “to help in healing bone fractures, to heal wounds to the skin and underlying tissues, to reduce pain and swelling, and for other postsurgical needs. Some forms of EMFs exposure are used to treat depression. EMFs have been shown to be effective in treating conditions of disease at energy levels far below current public exposure standards. This leads to the obvious question. How can scientists dispute the harmful effects of EMF exposures while at the same time using forms of EMF treatment that are proven to heal the body?”  the statement above is taken from page 26 of the 1557 page report put together by Bioinitoative.

Visit to see the report or you can download
Bioinitiative Report 2012 here.

Editor’s comment

5G is known to cause symptoms very similar to Covid –  headaches, brain fog and respiratory sickness.   The only thing missing is loss of taste and smell.  The massive increase in EMF caused by 5G may well trigger new waves of Covid, that could be used as justification for further lockdowns – may God forbid.

In most countries there is an Ombudsman or Office for Consumer Protector.  If you want to help, you could (1)  buy an EMF reader (2) take readings in your home and (3)  send a complaint to Consumer Protection.   Especially If you live on a top floor, where you will be exposed to more 5G EMF.

EMF Readings

The V/m volts per metre of the 5G towers is 156 times higher than in a normal home. But even more shocking is the Power density. The Microwatts per square centimetre (µW/cm2) is 10 times higher than we measured under a big electricity pylon. Living under a pylon is widely known to be unhealthy. Living near 5G is like living near an enormous pylon.

The readings in the centre of Valencia were first posted on Telegram, by a local hero.  Click on the image below to see excerpts from the original video.

Movistar & Orange mobile 5G towers
Movistar & Orange mobile 5G towers by Estacion Nord, Valencia
Movistar mobile 5G tower
Movistar mobile 5G tower in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia

EMF Casa                                                                                            EMF La Patacona

EMF by an electricity pylon
EMF by an electricity pylon

Does Omicron trigger a T cell response that protects against Covid?

YES – Omicron triggers a T cell response that protects against Covid according to Joe Wang, Ph.D.  In The Epoch Times he explains how.  He concludes “If Omicron is anything like the attenuated measles vaccine and provides similar effects, we may see the end of the COVID-19 pandemic before the winter is over.”   Wang was in vaccine development for 20 years and a lead scientist for Sanofi Pasteur’s SARS vaccine project in 2003.

In Scientific debate silenced, he slams Fauci and makes the distinction between Subjective (Fauci) science and Objective (real) science.

In Omicron vs Bill Gates, Wang is more controversial.  He picks up on Gates’ comment that “Sadly, the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron, is a type of vaccine. That is, it creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity.”  Why ‘sadly’?

CDC says the vaccine is effective

CDC still thinks that the vaccine is effective.  That’s not surprising as the same CDC continues to refuse to recognise that cures exist for covid.  Click CDC-Omicron for the official line

Scientific Studies say the vaccine is Not effective, especially with children

Wbur reports that “Pfizer’s COVID vaccine is not as protective against omicron for 5 to 11-year-olds, data suggests”

CNBC reports that “Pfizer Covid vaccine was just 12%  effective against omicron in kids 5 to 11, study finds”

Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D,   MIT Senior Research Scientist  takes it further in her article The Unforgivable Sin

Editor comment – Amost no children have died from covid, which is no real threat to them.  So the only benefit of vaccination would be if it prevented them trasmitting  the disease to the more vulnerable – their grandparents.  But the vaccine does not prevent transmission. So why are governments pushing for mass vaccination of children?

Treat First, Test Later

If you get a strange flu, it is probably omicron. Treat it straight away. Don’t waste time and effort getting tested.  Stay in bed and let your body concentrate on getting better.   See Treat yourself from Day1 for some ideas on what to do.  If you are in good health generally,  you will be stronger for having had omicron.

Is global warming a reality?

YES – Global Warming is a reality, as evidenced by the upwards trend in temperatures across the world.  The earth may be heating up naturally, but we are adding to the problem with ever-increasing emissions of greenhouse gases.   Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases is the way forward, NOT geo-engineering .

Temperatures are on the Rise

There are numerous official sites that confirm that temperatures are on the rise. shows that global temperatures have increased by 1.01 c since 1980 and that 19 of the warmest years have been experienced since year 2000.


Click for another view of this

It is hard to find the percentage increase.  But the image below shows that it must be significant.  The world is getting hotter, that’s a fact.

global-temperatures-map-1980 vs 2020
Global Temperatures – 1980 vs 2020

CO2 emissions on the Rise

Levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) are monitored by a US government agency that report that levels of CO2 have increased 22% since 1980.  Click for the full picture

CO2 is the most common greenhouse gas, as outlined by

greenhouse gases

The causes of climate warming

Nasa summarises the position … “Human activities (primarily the burning of fossil fuels) have fundamentally increased the concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere, warming the planet. ”  Click  for a more.

There is no reason to disbelieve the above, especially since Nasa does not seem to be promoting  geo-engineering.  In fact almost the only mention of geo-engineering on the Nasa site was in a 2020 news report on Nasa’s Dr Claire Parkinson .  In the article it tells how “In 2010, she published a book entitled “Coming Climate Crisis? Consider the Past, Beware the Big Fix” about climate change and her concerns regarding the possibility of implementing potentially dangerous geoengineering projects.”

Paris Agreement – the way forward

The Paris agreement is the successor to the Kyoto agreement.  The Kyoto agreement set legally binding targets, and not all countries including the USA would sign up.  The Paris agreement is not legally binding, but requires each nation to declare its next set of targets, every five years.  Importantly, The USA under Biden has become a participant.

It seems that the only way forward is for individual countries to set targets  for the reduction of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases and hopefully achieve them.

Click greencoast for more information on the agreements.

Geo-engineering – NOT the way forward

Geo-engineering has been a fact of life since 2016.  According to technologyreview, the first high altitude particle spray was conducted in Russia in 2009.  In the same year the USA under Obama started looking at options. tells the history up to 2013

In 2014, the average daily atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide surpasses 400 parts per million — higher than it has been in at least 3 million years.   Geo-engineering became a reality as an attempt to combat the global warming…officially.

In 2017, The Guardian reported that the Trump administration was investing in geo-engineering, which then became a feature all over the world, causing major problems.  see geoengineeringwatch for information on health issues, droughts,  tree die-off, wild fires etc.

In the six years since geo-engineering became widespread, world temperatures have continued to rise.  It seems clear that geo-engineering has been a complete failure, if it’s aim was to slow down global warming.

Global Warming is a Real Problem

Geo-engineering may not be the answer.  But global warming is still a problem.

Increased temperatures  result in desertification.  A third of the world’s population live in ‘drylands’ whch are most vulnerable to an increase in temperature.  Click on greenfacts for more information.

This will in part explain how “The number of documented migrants within and from the African region has nearly doubled since 2010, continuing a two-decade trend of expansion. “   see africacenter for more information.

Editor’s Comment – Given the facts, it is hard to understand how the idea of “climate change hoax” came to be.  But if you type that into your browser you will find many people who think just that.





Are sudden deaths of footballers and pilots a result of the covid vaccine?

Yes – sudden deaths of footballers and pilots are almost certainly a result of the covid vaccine. But there have been no official investigations to confirm or deny this.

In December 2021 there were the same number of incidents  in the UK – ie games stopped for medical emergency – as would be expected in 12 months.

Football legend Matt le Tissier

Football legend Matt le Tissier made this point in conversation with The Daily Chaos and saw it as extraordinary that an investigation had not been demanded by the official bodies.  See also hard-to-ignore Sound Bites from Daily Chaos

Similarly there has been no investigation into the numerous deaths of commercial pilots. The increase in deaths is denied by Whitewash sites such as snopes.

But  American site yournews tells a very different story.

If there is a conspiracy, it is a conspiracy of silence by the professional bodies who should be protecting their members.

Will they stop at nothing?

NO – They will stop at nothing, as evidenced by the brutal murder of german Dr Andreas Noack in November 2020, five days after releasing a shocking video about graphene hydroxide in the covid ‘vaccine’.

andreas noack

Dr Noack was an expert in Activated Carbon and identified that nano particles of graphene hydroxide in the covid vaccine.  This type of graphene is very hard and cuts like a razor, the last thing you want in your body.

Here are links to the must-see video.   Click seemorerocks for video with English subitles, or buscandolaverdad for Spanish subtitles.

There is also an upsetting video of Dr Noack’s widow confirming that it was murder and calling us to action.

For another sad story about an untimely death, click Brandy Vaughan. Brandy was an active anti-vaxer in USA, where vaccines are almost compulsory for children.


Can you combat cancer and covid with ph medicine?

YES – ph medicine combats cancer and covid.  Bicarbonate of soda / baking powder reduces your pH levels and prevent an acid environment, which pathogens need to thrive.

dr mark sircus bicarbonate medicine
Ph Medicine or Bicarbonate Medicine is championed by Dr Mark Sircus, Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine. Dr Sircus’ latest book “Bicarbonate Medicine’ tells all. You can find out more on and on Living a longer life

CDS (chlorine dioxide solution) is another Ph Medicine . Like Bicarbonates, CDS only attacks high Ph/ acidic pathogens.

ph Level Test

the first step is to test your pH level.  see  for how to test your pH level.  The Urinalysis Reagent Strips from ACCUDOCTOR are easy to use. they test for 12 different things including pH.  they are available from Amazon.  See below for some real results.

pH test Results

Anything more then 7.4 is good news – alkaline not acid.  The colour on the strip indicates a pH of 6, so I need to eat more food with an alkalizing effect..

Alkalizing Foods

According to Greenopedia, “A balanced diet equates to roughly 60-80% alkaline-forming foods and 20-40% acid-forming foods.”