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Will the Marburg virus be the next pandemic?!?

YES – According to GAVI, the vaccine alliance funded by Bill Gates, that is bigging up Marburg as “an increasing threat”.

Click Gavi Marburg for their story.

Marburg – a cousin to Ebola

Marburg is a cousin to Ebola and just as deadly.  But so far very few have died from Marburg outside of Africa.  That is about to change.  Blood clotting is the main symptom,  very similar to those experienced by people after taking the vaccine.   Blood clots caused by covax will be attributed to Marburg.  We know this is coming, because PCR tests and a vaccine for Marburg are about to be released.

Marburg Whistleblower

Click Marburg Whistleblower to see the video, that we found on

BioTech Whistleblower, Kieran Morrissey, warns of Marburg Virus Vaccine Being Fast-Tracked For New Pandemic.  Click for the full story with links to related documents  including  Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Microand Nanocontamination.

Kieran’s closing plea is we all must stop taking the covid vaccine and resist pressure to take the booster shot at all costs.

Are there remedies for vaccine side effects?

YES – The same treatments that do well against Covid do well helping you recover from a vaccine. They include CDS, Ivermectin, high doses of vitamin C. See Covid Cures.

CDS – Chlorine Dioxide Solution

The treatment that we use is CDS, which has been used with success to cure vaccine induced autism. See CDS & Autism.

The Intestinal Barrier and the blood brain barrier

The intestinal barrier is crucial to keeping the excrement where it should be. The blood brain barrier is vital to the integrity of  your brain.   The big problem with vaccines is that they can open these barriers and leave them open.  The spike protein in Covax is known to open the blood brain barrier.

The Flu Vaccine and Alzheimers

There are many sponsored studies that show that old people are less likely to get Alzheimers, if they have had the flu vaccine regularly.  But there is no scientific explanation as to how this could be.  If you accept that a vaccine can open the blood brain barrier, then you have an explanation as to why Alheimers has gone from nothing in 1998 to a significant problem 20 years later, and how it is possible to have early onset dimentia in your 50s.

CDS repairs the blood brain barrier and the gut wall

There are many case studies of autism being cured by CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), which indicate that over time CDS can heal the blood brain barrier.  The CDS cure involves a long course of enemas, as vaccines can compromise intestinal epithelial barrier /gut wall.  See AndreasKalcker official website for the Autism story.


Will the vaccine companies stop at nothing?

YES – The untimely death of Brandy  Vaughan suggests that the vaccine companies will stop at nothing,  to protect their vaccination programs.

Brandy Vaughan

In December 2020, anti-vaxer Brandy Vaughan died in mysterious circumstances after a long period of harrassment by clandestine figures.

Brandy Vaughan

Brandy was a persuasive campaigner against compulsory vaccination.  Click Brandy Video to see why Big Pharma felt threatened and for some very good reasons to think twice before vaccinating.

Brandy had her own website – BrandyVaughan – and wrote to her supporters shortly before her death, that if something happened to her that it would be foul play.   Click medicalkidnap for the full story

After her death, her body was given an autopsy and the death was attributed to ‘bi-lateral Pulmonary Thromboembolus’.  The Coroner put it down to natural causes   – see autopsy report –  without investigating what caused her unusual system failure.   Sounds like a cover up to FCP.

GoGetFunding to continue the work

Brandy asked that in the event of her death, there should be a fund to investigate her death and keep her work going.  If you want to take part,  here is the GoGetFunding link.

Is there proof that vaccines do not cause Autism?

No  –   there is no proof that vaccines do not cause autism. After much pressure, the CDC has dropped from its website the headline  “Vaccines do not cause autism”.  The pressure can from ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network). See kimberlydrake report

The CDC (US Centre for Disease Control) still refuses to accept that vaccines cause autism in spite of innumerable cases where the condition has come on within 24 hours of receiving a shot.    The question that needs an answed is …

“How many Autistics have not been vaccinated?”

Less than 1% is my guess.

The blood brain barrier

Autism is a neurological condition, associated with problems with the blood brain barrier. Type “autism blood brain barrier” into your browser and see what’s going on. You will also see that problems with the intestinal epithelial barrier (the gut wall) are not far away.  The most dangerous side effect of any vaccine is that it can open these barriers.

CDS repairs  the blood brain barrier and the gut wall

There are many case studies of autism being cured by CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), which indicate that over time CDS can heal the blood brain barrier. The CDS cure involves a long course of enemas, as vaccinated autistics also have a compromised intestinal epithelial barrier.  See AndreasKalcker official website for the full story.



Is JFK Junior about to make a come back?

Possibly YES – JFK Junior is about to make a come back.

It was mooted by Jan Osgebaard last year in her “Fall of the Cabal” series that JFK junior was still be alive.  It seemed somewhat far fetched then.

But it seems that it could be so.  Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot is clear that he is one and the same as Juan O’Savin, who is an active commentator on social media.

Juan O’Savin

Click Nino’s Corner to hear Juan O’Savin in conversation.  Here are some pointers towards Juan’s real identity.

  • Juan is John in Spanish
  • Savin is a place name in the Kennedy history (as per Kerry)
  • Juan’s voice does not sound at all latino
  • In fact he sounds just like his cousin Robert Kennedy Jr
  • In the interview, he did not show show his face, only his leg stretch


search duckduckgo with “savin kennedy” and you will see that FCP is not alone.   All very strange.  What’s it all about?  Hopefully all will be revealed in the not too distant future.

Can one live fear-free in a pandemic?

Yes – You can live  fear-free in a pandemic, by avoiding the cause of that fear.   This is best done by having a Covid Cure on hand.

The SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Exists

Anyone who says that the virus does not exist, has not gone through the tragedy of losing a loved one to it.   Everyone knows about the patents, how it started in America, then got moved to Wuhan when Congress made the research illegal.

So it’s hard not to fear it, especially with the over-the-top media coverage and the excessive government action.   Before 2020, you would have been laughed at, if you had suggested locking down healthy people and making them wear masks.

The Biggest Enemy is Fear

Fear weakens you.  It affects your  vitality and weakens your immune system, making you more vulnerable to external forces, such as bacteria, viruses or 5G electromagnetic radiation.

The vaccine makes you feel more secure

Many now feel more comfortable now that they have had the covax.  It may be less likely that they catch the virus , but they could still catch it.  The resulting covid should be quite mild.  But if  pathogenic priming / anti-body enhancement is a reality, it could be terminal.

So even if you have had the covax, fear wont be far away, unless you take action.

Eliminate the cause of fear.

The only way to eliminate fear is to eliminate the cause of the fear, by having a Covid Cure on hand.  The powers that be want you to believe that there is no easy cure for covid.  But this simply is not true.  On this site, you can read the experience of many doctors,  who spend their time curing the supposedly incurable.

Two ways to get away from fear is
1) Take a prophelactic to prevent you catching the virus.   CDS and HCQ are both prophelactics.
2) Invest in a Covid Cure and keep it in the fridge or the medicine cupboard.  So the  moment you feel a fever coming on, you can take the treatment and stop the virus before it becomes a serious problem.

Covid Cures

CDS is not the only cure. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin both cure covid.  Both work well with Zinc supplement. But they are  difficult to obtain, because doctors in most countries are not allowed to prescribe them.

Apart from CDS which you can make yourself, the cure that is easiest to use is the Zelenko Protocol, which comprises Quercetin and Zinc…both available without prescription.   Click Covid Cures for more information.

To live a normal life fear-free,  you need to have a cure to hand.   The important thing is to be able to stop it before it gets going.

Otherwise you are at risk, which means living in fear.

My personal experience

I have been taking CDS (Chlorine dioxide solution) daily since november 2020 and since then have had NO FEAR.

I first started with CDS when I taken by a fever one afternoon in November.  We had CDS in the fridge – my wife had been taking it for hyper-thyroidism.  She prepared a litre bottle of mineral water with 10ml of CDS, which I took on the hour every hour for 10 hours.

The fever was gone by the next day and the day after I was back to normal.

Since then I have been taking CDS 2 or 3 times a day to treat a neurological condition; comfortable in the thought that I was also  protected from the dread virus.


Is Covax supported by Science?

NO – Covax is not supported by Science, according to Independent Doctors & Scientists.  the vaccine  causes Pathogenic priming  / Antibody dependent Enhancement .. very bad news if you come into contact with corona virus.

Mike Yeadon, ex Pfizer Vice President and top virologist begs you to stop taking the virus.  If you have had covid, you are protected from all variants.  The vaccine is not needed; it’s more about depopulation.

Dr. Robert Malone, original inventor of the mRNA vaccine, sits down with Del Bigtree in July 2021 to give his honest concerns about why this is the wrong technology to use against COVID-19 and, in particular, the extreme danger it poses to young people;  the dangers of the spike protein, which is much more than a antigen;  the fact that the spike protein  opens the blood brain barrier.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko developed the Zinc Quercetin protocol to cure covid.   He denounces the vaccine in the Zelenko-interview. 
Click LaPrensa for the original in Spanish written by Agustina Sucri in August 2021.

Dr Simone Gold the leader of AmericasFrontlineDoctors.  She may not be a Democrat, but that does not stop he from being an outstanding doctor, a doctor who lives the hypocratic oath.

Dr Roger Hodkinson in interview with Kamalpreet Singh talks about variants and how our innate immune system is perfectly capable of dealing with them and how the vaccine is more dangerous than the desease itself.

Will coconut oil and good fats counteract a neurological condition?

YES – Degenerative neurological conditions can be slowed down by ingesting good oil and fats, especially if you eliminate refined sugars and gluten from your diet and take CDS regularly.

Brain Fat!

The brain is largely made of fat and is nourished by good fat.  Good fats include extra virgin oils – coconut or olive, avocadoes and nuts.


Brain Sugar?

Refined sugar and gluten are both linked to brain fog and worse.  If you don’t believe this, type “brain fog gluten” or “brain fog refined sugar” into google and see what you get.

Brain CDS!

Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) treats the bio-electrics in our body.  Our neurons are connected by synapses / electrical signals .  CDS helps these work better by improving cell conductivity .

The chlorine in CDS converts to sodium chloride in the stomach.  It releases pure salt into our system.  Salt is highly conductive and helps the synapses work better.

So when your brain asks your foot to move to the next step, the message gets through and you don’t trip over (so often).

Brain Studies

It would be good to refer the reader to  studies that confirm the role of CDS.  But diet and bio-electrics are not interesting to big pharma, that funds almost all research.

see CDS Science for more information on CDS

Are the Unvaccinated a Danger to the Vaccinated?

NO – The Unvaccinated are not a special danger. “The risk that unvaccinated individuals might pose to someone who is fully vaccinated is very minimal.”

July 2021 UK reports that 40% (originally stated as 60%) of new covid admissions in hospital have been people who have been double vaccinated. This indicates that vaccinated are as likely to carry the virus, as the vaccinated .  see lifesitenews for the full story.

Risks ‘quite low’ to ‘very minimal’

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky says “if you are near that person (unvaccinated) and you are vaccinated your risk is variously quite low,” CDC is the American Centre for Disease Control.


“The risk that unvaccinated individuals might pose to someone who is fully vaccinated is very minimal.” According to Gillian Conrad, the Communications Director of Berrien County Health Department. See MSN news for the full story.

Others maintain that “The greater the number of unvaccinated people in a community, the more opportunity germs have to spread.” This was written in 2017 for the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, well before covid and the dread MRNA shot.

If unwell, keep to yourself

If you get ill, it is important to stay away from other people, so the germs can’t spread. This is true for the vaccinated , as well as the unvaccinated.

But if you have been taking CDS as a prophelactic, it is extremely unlikely or even impossible that you could be affected by the corona virus.

Maybe the Vaccinated are the danger

Finally many would maintain that vaccinated are a danger to the unvaccinated, not the other way round. ElColectivodeUno cites a Pfizer document that acknowledges that anyone could be exposed to the vaccine spike proteins by inhalation or skin contact… See FCP article on shedding for more.

To take the shot or Not is a Personal Choice

The Anti-Vax think someone crazy to take the shot.  The Vaccinated think the same about the Unvaccinated.  It can drive friends and family apart.

It is up to us all not to let this happen.  It is important for our individual wellbeing that we keep in touch literally.  We all need a good hug from our loved ones now and again.

Does Covax cause blood clots?

YES – There is incontrovertible evidence that Covax causes blood clots.  Symptoms include feeling unusually cold, shortness of breath, fatigue etc. It can result in an aneurism.

Genengnews is one of many sites confirming the link between the vaccine and blood clots.

Even Snopes fact checker, the go-to site for the official line, could not say that claims that the vaccine caused blood clots were False.

We all know someone who is suffering from blood clotting. Symptoms include feeling unusually cold, shortness of breath, fatigue etc. It can result in an aneurism – ie an abnormal bulge or ballooning in the wall of a blood vessel. An aneurysm can burst, causing internal bleeding and often leading to death.

If you have had the vaccine , so be it.  But before you have another one, please watch this Vaccine & Blood Clots video. The presentation is somewhat over the top and it is rather anti-Jew… not all jews , just the ones who are making a fortune out of the vaccine.   But please resist the impulsive urge to switch it off.  It includes a sincere explanation from Dr Charles Hoffe MD of how the active proteins in the vax cause blood clots that kill. He uses the word “terrifying” more than once.